When I decided to start blooging I wanted to share my personal taste. Meanwhile - mostly from staring at  the jet setters of the fashion blogging world - I started thinking that I should wear the new clothes and buy new season's clothes to keep up and of course not to wear the same item more than twice for an outfit post. REDEFINE! Fashion comes and goes, each season something new pops up. Some items will last forever - like LBD - some others for a couple of seasons - no examples needed. 
I find more creative and more inspiring to redefine the style of clothes and the possible combinations. Old pants, new ring. Worn before bag and glasses with a kinda old, this season's t-shirt. 
The result is yours to judje.
Happy Autumn!

WEARING: t-shirt, sunglasses & bag all ZARA | pants: .LAK | necklace: Sismade 
 ant ring by Christos Eustathiou

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  1. Cute outfit! I love your ring, it is so unique! :)



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