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Almost everything in this outfit can be considered as vintage, as all of the items I'm wearing have been bought at least one and a half year ago. The coat is one of my favorites. This isn't a morning outfit but I wanted to make the shoot in the day light. Metallic colors always look better with natural light!

coat, dress, belt: .LAK / shoes: TOD'S / ring, purse: vintage


Stylish blogger award

Today Kate from The orange pig gave me this lovely award. Thank you so much girl. it means a lot!

Now as usual, I have to share with you 7 things about me (well another 7) and give this award to bloggers that I really like their personal style!

So the other 7 things about me are: 

1. I like drawing as much as I like shopping
2. I have over 40 nail polishes
3. I hate oranges. Not dislike. Hate
4. I love high heels but I don't wear them that much
5. I can spend a hole day in front of my laptop
6. I love tv series and I consider myself as a tv series junkie.
7. I love deep red lipsticks

I'm giving this award to the bloggers that I really like their style (in no particular order):

Jenny from Fashionable J
Irene & Demetra from The Followers of Fashion
Marilia and Cristina from 2stylemates
Lorelai from Lorelai's Things



News in!

A couple of weekends ago, I bought this stunning necklace from meet market. It is actually made of zippers! The moment I saw it, I felt in love! It is actually handmade from Eirini Michopoulou. You can find her work here

Also, I won a giveaway from BrianneLee. The prize arrived yesterday, and it was a necklace from the artist  Michelle Chang, and is so cute! You can shop or see the hole collection here!

Thank you so much for this lovely necklace! I love skulls, and this is something I can wear all day long!




The back is actually the front part of the top. But I really love it in this way. It makes is so unique!

top: .LAK / necklace: Miss Sixty / pants: zara / shoes: bozikis / purse: vintage


the 3rd award!

I am so happy that after a short period of time I'm receiving the third award for my blog.
This time came from cocobloggers! I can't describe how happy I am and girls, thank you so so much!

So, the rules are:
 Link back to the person that gave you this award
 Answer the questions below
 Award 10 other bloggers and let them know you nominated them
 Share 7 random facts about yourself

As I've already share with you 7 random fact about me here, I'll continue with the questions!

1. Name your favourite song   -   Rock 'n' Roll Queen
2. Name your favourite dessert   -   Lemon pie
3. What ticks me off   -   dishonesty and liars.
4. When I am upset I...   -   can be very sarcastic and ironic
5. Favourite pets   -   Do unicorns count?
6. Black or white    -   Dark grey!
7. Biggest fear   -   Be alone
9. What is perfection?   -   happy moments with beloved people.
10. Guilty pleasure   -   shopping


Versace for H&M - Cruise Collection

After the really successful collaboration, Versace makes another collection for H&M, with the name Cruise Collection. The products will be available only to countries with on-line H&M store, and at Selfridges in London. Unfortunatelly, Greece hasn't an online shop yet..
Personally, I like much more this collection, and I wish I could shop!!


[photos from fashiongonerogue]

I would love to have the amazing bracelet and all the shoes..Also the swim suits look really cute! What would you love to buy from the cruise collection??




The huge here is the top, as you can see below!
It has silver thread, but I don't know if it's showed proper! It's so comfy and warm that it can be worn every hour! I love it!

top, skirt: zara / coat: Marks&Spenser / purse: vintage / rings: Folli follie / necklace: accessorize


another award!!

This is the second award I'm winning is "The versatile blogger", and I was given from Elena. Thank you very much, I'm really happy for this!
According to the award's rules, I must share 7 things about me with you, and give the award to 15 blogs!

1. I love coffee, especially capuccino and starbucks coffee.
2. I'm T-shirt freak. I have over 45 t-shirts.
3. My natural hair are super curly but I love them straight.
4. I love staying at home watching Fashion TV.
5. I prefer oxford's than high heels
6. I love grey and black colors. They can be perfect with anything!
7. I wish I had a dog.

Now "The versatile blogger" award goes to: 

 The Followers of fashion
 Fashion in Thessity
 Juliete Has a Gun
 the amethist and the emerald
 lorelai's things
 Newborn Fashionistas
 Do you speak gossip?
 The orange pig
 Fashionable J
 Lure of the dark side



the shoes!

As you may have noticed I love oxford's. Those were my first..
The don't just have a leopard prin but they're pony skin.
I hope you like them as much as I do!

knit: attrativo / shirt: pink woman / pants: zara / purse: burberry / jacket: .LAK
shoes: Sam Eldman / ring: uterque / necklace: accessorize


Army styled.

Well the truth is that the only items that reminds me army is my asymetrical trench coat and propably because of the color. Although I don't like army style, this trench coat is one of my favs. Little details: dark red shoes and clutch!

trench coat: .LAK / shirt: pink woman / pants: zara / shoes, purse: kalogirou / necklaces: folli follie


news in!

This is an outfit with lots of new things! I bought the top, the necklace and a ring. 
The jacket was a Christmas gift from my friend!
Thank you Mary, I love it!

jacket: zara / top: stradivarius / jeans: Meltin pot / boots: UGG / purse: I'M Isola Marras
necklace, black ring: Labrakis accessories / small ring: H&M / square ring: Axilleas accessories



last and first! NYE 2012

This is officially the last outfit of 2011 and the first of 2012!
Happy new year my lovely readers!
I wish the best to everyone!

bracelets [1st photo from top]: accessories, handmade, Axileas Accessories

dress: mango / coat, belt: .LAK / rings: folli follie / purse: Longchamp 

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