AXDW #1 - Photo diary

waiting for Aslanis show to begin
Each year all the fashionistas are waiting for the Athens Exclusive Designers Week, a.k.a. the Greek Fashion Week. For 4 days every fashion girl and boy is there. The first day was really lovely with amazing shows and clothes! On the schedule were Valtadoros, Asel & Eleonora, Miltos, Ratt by Rita Attalia and the last show was Aslanis. I can't really say that there was a show that blow my mind away, but I loved so many pieces from all the shows. 
Let's begin the photo mix diary of the day!
p.s - I know is a huge post!
at the axdw
Miltos final model
from Valtadoros show
Miltos models
before Valtadoros show

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