decisions, decisions..

This or that? Black or blue? Leather or fur? Flats or heels?
Every day there's a ton of questions that demand a tiny decision. In this case not what to wear but what to buy. I'm in crash with 2 leather jackets, when I really need only one, with two furs, when I still need only one, with 2 pairs of slippers or mocasins, call them whatever. Awh and with two brands. Massino Dutti and Uterque. And when sometimes it's easy, Massimo has the jackets, Uterque has the jewelry, this season both brands make me want too much.
Any help please??

P.S - I won't tell you the prices to choose only on looks. You can find everything in Massimo Dutti and Uterque online shops.

From top: black fur, slipper with tassels, black leather jacket and blue leather jacket: Massimo Dutti
grey fur jacket, black mocasin, sunglasses: Uterque



  1. I like the first one in the top row, the black shoes in the second row, the first jacket in the third row and the first pair of glasses in the last!! All are great picks though :)) But, I'd choose those ones :) xx

  2. I wish I could help!!
    Eimai to pio anapofasisto atomo pou kserw!
    Kai ola einai toso wraia!!
    Let us know what did you buy in the end!

    Christina xxx

  3. You definitely need to go with the brown slippers they are beautiful! As for the other items I'm not sure they are all very nice.



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