2011 review..

This year was a bit different and weird for me. I discovered new passions and new things i want to deal with. I created my first blog and I found out that you like it and it's acceptable from other bloggers. I pushed myself to my fashion limits and experienced with different combos and outfits that I haven't think of. I tried new patterns and found out new fabric loves.
Although I have a certain style and I love each and evry one of the outfits I have posted, I want to make different styles and different combos that aren't my "safe" ones.

Oxford's, pumps, casual, furs and leather and nail art were the top posts on my blog.
The new year's fashion promise?
I'll make different styles and I'll go out of my comfort zone!

I wish to all my lovely readers happy new year and a big thank you for your support!


Dady's shirt gone wild!!

Beer night.. Nothing seems good enough to wear.. I had a desire to try a jean shirt but I don't have one.
So I made an attack to my dad's closet and I find what I was looking for!
The perfect (for me) jean shirt! Let's make it wild now! Leopard fur as always!
Here's the result, enjoy!

fur, leather pants: zara / necklace: accessorize / shoes: prada / purse: longchamp / ring: vintage



My prize!!

You might not know that I won a giveaway! And not any giveaway! Cheekhow has a really cute blog and on December 15, she organized a bracelet give away! I won those two amazing skull bracelets!
Thank you so much hun!
I love them!



Merry Christmas!

It's been a while since my last nail post!
40 days ago I'd made 4 Christmas nails just to start the Christmas countdown!
In this post there're my nails during last week. Tim Burton inspired snowman, candycanes, teisted french nails and silver dots, all in a festive mode! I wish you all to have a fantastic Christmas time and see you on Monday!



Black Tulle

Title says everything. I love tulle skirts, I have a couple, but both are quite old as I have them for more than 4 years. Yesterday I went to Dimitris Petrou fashion show "Dogma" (post for the show maybe later this week) and that's what I choose to wear!

top: Andy Warhol for Pepe Jeans / belt: BSB / skirt: vintage / purse: Longchamp
jacket: Mango / rings: Folli follie [skull], Axilleas accessories



How much tartan is enough?

I love tartan but not on me. I love to see it in other people. But, two years ago i got this dress
(yes it's a dress) as a gift. I wasn't really sure (not that I am now) that I like it.
Anyway I tried to do my best to make a cute outfit. 
Haven't you checked that my coat is also tartan style, have you?

coat, black jacket: .LAK / belt: BSB / rainboots: Michael Kors / rings: H&M / dress, clutch: vintage
This photo was taken early September. It's a different outfit, but is the only photo that
I can show you the jacket proper.



casual me!

Weather here hasn't decide yet if it's December or May. In the morning is quite hot but when the sun goes down it becomes cold. As you may have noticed I love casual style, especially when I have to go to my uni! So....
This is propably my favorite T-shirt, and those my favorite casual shoes. For shoes like all stars, I believe that the oldest, the better. I have them for more than 3 years and I love that they look dirty!
So, what do you think for my casual outfit?

fur vest: BSB / hoodie: H&M / shoes: Burberry / jeans: Meltin Pot / watch: Folli follie / bag: Longchamp


My leather heart!

It's some time since my last outfit post. It's time for one! I bought this top a week ago, and i thought I have to try an outfit! Of course who doesn't love total black? Well a bit twisted total black! I ended up loving the oufit!
Enjoy and have a relaxing Sunday!

top, pants, shoes: ZARA / coat: .LAK / rings: Folli follie / purse: Longchamp


Today's outfit: one like the others

This day was not a good one. Not a creative one. I didn't have much of inspiration to create a really cute outfit so I went on the easy way and i wore something which is already tested. Shirt with oxford shoes! Really different from what i've used you right? Hahah! Christmas is coming, Piraeus is half decorated (well to be honest not decorated at all but...) and I'm still searching the Christmas spirit (although it's too early for me as I'll be in Christmas mode around 15 of December).. Well here's my outfit, enjoy and don't be too cruel on comments.. I know that the last two or three are almost the same...I promise I'll change ;)

the classics: shirt: pink woman / pants: ZARA / shoes: Bozikis
jacket, hoodie: Diesel / purse: DKNY / sunglesses: Salvatore Ferragamo



Liebster Blog award

Today Lila from Beauty Diary announced me that she gave me the Liebster blog award!! I'm really glad and happy taking this award because I'm feeling that you really enjoy reading my blog.

So now, I have to give it to five of my favorite blogs with less than 200 followers.

And the award goes to....



Look of the day: Oversized and knitted

I've bought this knitted jacket two years ago, but it's still fashionable. The only problem is the weather. Today wasn't that cold, so with a bit of layering I managed to wear it! And I'm so happy for that!!!

top: Burberry / jacket: Le Duke of St. James / knitted jacket: Mango
pants: Meltin Pot / shoes: Bozikis
necklsce and rings: H&M / heart ring: Folie Folie



Look of the day: obsession

As you may all have noticed I'm currently obsessed with shirts. And what's better for the 1st day of December than a shirt with a knitted top for a window shopping evening? The twist here are the pants. Leather!!! And actually, my pants are last week's "new in". Other than that nothing new. My jacket maybe considered vintage or just old as I bought it 5 years ago.
For first time I'll post many photos!!

jacket: diesel / top: mango / shirt: pink woman / pants: zara / boots: ugg / [scarf honestly, I don't remember]


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